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who has not upgraded to the new version of Adobe Illustrator CC? . A: From the comments, it sounds like you've upgraded to CC 2015. If that's true, then: The reason that some of your file names show a version number of 2014 in the filename is because the CC 2015 extension was not available at the time that CC 2014 was released. The reason that the file name for your artboard is "Adobe Illustrator - artboard 13 (1) - TEST14" is that you haven't saved the file yet. The extension on your document doesn't change the file's name, and it's just a default name. After you save a file, it'll change to "Adobe Illustrator - artboard 13 (1) - TEST15" CHIP'S SURPRISE DEATH STUNS BILLIONAIRE 9/13/2014 12:28 PM PDT The VERY SURPRISE death of Robert Kraft sparked an investigation that may also have led to the death of SEC football coach Jimmy Garoppolo... TMZ has learned. Robert Kraft was found dead Sunday morning in his NYC home. Law enforcement sources tell TMZ... Kraft was found dead in his bed with two pill bottles -- one prescribed to him by his doctor, the other empty. TMZ broke the story... Kraft's Patriots owner was arrested Thursday at a luxury resort in Florida for soliciting sex from a female employee. A law enforcement source tells TMZ... Kraft was taken to a hospital after he suffered cardiac arrest. Kraft's death came as a surprise... and the NFL was in the dark about it... because he had been having a conversation with the NFL about Jimmy Garoppolo, his former backup QB. Garoppolo was traded to the 49ers... just hours before Kraft's death. Our sources say the next day, the NFL's medical staff took a closer look at Garoppolo and discovered he had "a lot" of heart problems, especially in the right side. Wade Phillips is Garoppolo's coach in San Francisco. Phillips tells us, "I saw him in San Francisco last year and he seemed fine." Phillips says he hasn't talked to Garoppolo about Kraft's death. We're told the NFL medical staff is waiting to get an official cause of death for Kraft, who died of an "apparent heart attack




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